Spraying Schedule for April/May 2016

Spraying by helicopter of the pesticide Foray 48B is scheduled for Washington State in 7 different areas beginning on April 16.  We are attempting to post the latest information here  as it become available.

Keep in mind that the spray can drift considerably outside the zone boundaries – up to one mile even with no wind.

What can you do to protect yourself?
  • Close and seal all doors and windows of your dwelling/office. Don’t forget chimney flues also.
  • Do not leave for at least several hours if possible after the spraying. Spray droplets stay suspended in the air for a number of hours, especially if there is little wind.
  • Best option: seal up your dwelling, leave the area before 6AM and do not return until at least the afternoon. Open all windows at this point to air out the interior; spray has been shown to infiltrate even into a sealed building and be at higher concentrations indoors after 12 hours.
See a map of gypsy moth trapping sites and projected (by No Spray Zone) spray zones here.
More up-to -date and accurate maps for the spray zones can be found at these links:
Seattle-Capitol Hill
Tacoma low and high elevation
Kent/Green River Natural Resources Area
Nisqually, near National Wildlife Refuge
Gig Harbor

Schedule as of April 16:

April 16  – Tacoma low elevation
April 17 – Vancouver, Nisqually and Kent
April 18 – Gig Harbor and Lacey
April 19 – Tacoma high elevation
April 20-  Capitol Hill (Seattle) and Tacoma high elevation
April 21 – Tacoma low elevation
April 23 – Kent and Nisqually
April 25 (weather dependent) – Capitol Hill, Vancouver and Gig Harbor

Small Organic Farmers Wary of Bt Pesticides

An informal poll at Seattle-area farmers’ markets found that few if any of the organic farmers use Bt sprays for their crops, even though they are “certified” for organic use by OMRI.

One farmer said “I am wary of the OMRI organic certification. So many products have been certified for organic use in the last 20 years, and a lot of them have obtained it because large agribusinesses have lobbied the government to allow these pesticides and other products. I’d be aware when buying organic produce from large, ‘Walmart-supplier’ farms that they are the ones who use these sprays. We don’t use them.”

This sentiment was echoed by others.

Massive Pesticide Spraying Set in 2016 for Washington, Oregon

Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) has been found in 9 different locations in Washington State. This will likely trigger a square-mile aerial pesticide spraying at each of these sites in April 2016. It is likely the spray zones will be much larger where more than one AGM is found in close proximity – look for the spraying in areas in between the trap locations. For instance, near Vancouver, AGMs were trapped on the Oregon side of the Columbia as well; there probably will be spraying from the Vancouver trap site down to (and over, even though it is illegal) the river.
Also, dozens of European gypsy moths (EGM) and at least one egg casing have been found two blocks from the Group Health hospital on Capitol Hill in Seattle, which certainly means there will be spraying there in the same time frame. Our trap and spray map shows the exact locations of moth catches and the projected extent of spraying.
The total spray area in Washington and Oregon could exceed 25,000 acres.


Old Post – 1-18-2010

January 18, 2010 – We just were informed that Richmond, BC will be aerially sprayed with Foray 48B several times from April 15 to June 15 to eradicate a small infestation. 10 Euro-american gypsy moths were trapped, and seven egg masses recovered along one road. It’s interesting how the same misleading language and alarming images are copied from one agency presentation to another for years. It appears this might be an overreaction – there could be a significantly smaller area subjected to ground spraying and a large number of traps set up to monitor and attenuate the remaining (if any) moths, but it’s sure a heck of a lot easier just to dump spray all over the place (and expose thousands of people in the process).

Info on gypsy moth spraying