Public Officials

Former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels receives a sample of the yard signs posted by residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood during the 2006 aerial spraying of Foray 48B. In 2002, Nickels committed Seattle to embracing the principles of the Earth Charter by “assertively working towards the realization of its aims so that we can assure a healthy future for our community and for our earth.” The Earth Charter specifically states “Prevent harm as the best method of environmental protection,” and, “When knowledge is limited, apply a precautionary approach.” Washington state directly challenges Seattle by spraying substances that cannot meet these standards, especially when there are proven safer alternatives – and so far, Seattle has done nothing to protest or stop it. To see evidence why Foray 48B (a Btk-based biopesticide) does not meet the standards of the Earth Charter, start here.

Some local and state elected officials who have endorsed No Spray Zone’s goal to limit spraying of biopesticides:


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