Headliners – Current and Archived

  • August 27,2015: Asian Gypsy Moth has been found in 7 different locations in Washington State. This will almost surely trigger a square-mile aerial pesticide spraying at each of these sites in April 2016. Also, dozens of European gypsy moths have been found on Capitol Hill in Seattle, which will almost certainly mean spraying there in the same time frame. We will be updating our location map in the next few days to highlight the exact locations.
  • May 8, 2015: Surrey, BC is undergoing a massive aerial spraying campaign using the pesticide Foray 48B, after 197 Euro/American moths were trapped in 2014. The residents were given little or no warning, and health clinics and hospitals had no advance notice (from an informal survey). No attempt is being made to catalog any health effects, but a number of residents report feeling quite ill and some have visited clinics. Some residents summed up their frustration and anger in a letter to the Cloverdale Reporter.
  • December 6, 2014: Spraying in Washington State is likely next year in April, as a number of Euro/American gypsy moths were trapped this past summer. Of note are two locations: Capitol Hill in Seattle, and an area near Mt. St. Helens. This map shows the locations of trapped moths and other life stages. On Capitol Hill, a concern is the exposure of possibly tens of thousands of people to airborne spray components. Check the links on the home page to read about the dangers of biopesticides.
  • January 23, 2013: 275 Asian gypsy moth egg cases were found on a cargo ship trying to dock in Tacoma. Even though the eggs were removed, will this prompt a massive aerial spraying by the Washington State Department of Agriculture? This wasn’t a good idea in 2000, and it isn’t now. Read why.
  • Problems Abroad- New Zealand and Canada Beset with Rampant Pesticide Spraying. Check here to see the latest news…
  • Charlotte, NC – 63,000 acres will be aerially sprayed with Foray 48B for canker worm. The local officials are repeating the same tired and misleading script. See our archives for more info.
  • Canada – a place where there sometimes can be more sanity about pesticides, among other things. Over 1283 municipalites, some the size of Toronto, have restricted or banned altogether the use of deadly lawn and garden pesticides. The entire provinces of Ontario and Quebec have now made their use illegal. Home Depot has voluntarily pulled all their pesticide products in these provinces, but not in the USA. Read the report.
  • April 2006: Read what the media say about the Capitol Hill spraying: Northwest Cable News Network and KING5
  • Officials confused about how to protect yourself from Foray 48B pesticide.
  • Governor Gregoire Ignores Citizens, Orders Pesticide Spraying.
  • Bt from pesticides is in your food and is making you sick. Outrageous? Read about this and other new research in our draft survey paper.
  • Read a blog in New Zealand for up-to-date information about the People’s Inquiry, cataloging the damage to New Zealanders wrought by Foray 48B spraying.
  • Washington State Breaks Its Own Laws– Dept. of Agriculture May Be a “Rogue Agency.”- see more.
  • They Give Meetings and Nobody ComesWhy the WSDA Wastes Taxpayer Dollars and Withholds Information.
  • Capitol Hill Neighborhood in Seattle to be Sprayed by Helicopter in April/May 2006.
  • Read a Legal Opinion on Washington State’s authority to aerially spray.
  • USDA says “one moth is not an infestation.” Hmm, that’s not what the WSDA thinks…

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